We created Birding Outpost to share our fascination with these amazing creatures that many of us barely notice in our busy, daily lives.

There are more than 650 species of birds that breed in North America. More than 350 of them are long-distance migrants, which means they travel thousands of miles from their breeding sites in the United States and Canada to their wintering spots in Central and South America. And then they return just a few months later to the same nesting area they left . . . with some birds flying as many as 7,000 miles each way.

Meanwhile, other bird species never travel more than a few kilometers from the nest where they were hatched.

Why do birds do the things they do naturally and instinctively? How do they find food? What do they eat? Where do they nest? And what’s this whole migration thing about? These are just some of the questions that we’ve asked over the years . . . and some of the answers we’re planning to share with our visitors.

We’ll have articles for backyard birders who aspire to observe the feathered flowers who stop in for their daily snack. We’ll also have plenty of articles for birders who like to identify these amazing specimens in their natural habitat.

And we won’t leave out those spectacular seabirds.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit at Birding Outpost. We’ll do our best to continually write and post articles about the things we learn and observe in our ongoing birding adventure.

And check out our Bird Shop. We’ll be filling it with all sorts of stuff for birders.

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