The Long Flight Home—CHAPTER THREE


As Dooley and Talli flew side-by-side with the seemingly endless ocean below them, Talli turned to his brother. “Great family you’ve got back there, Dooley.”

“Yeah, they’re terrific,” Dooley agreed. “You should start one of your own.”

Talli shook his head, embarrassed. “I don’t know. Lady boobies just don’t appreciate my mating dance.”

Dooley knew that female boobies judged the desirability of a mate by the brightness of the color of his feet and that the common practice was to strut in front of a female and raise one foot and then the other, giving the female a good look at the male’s feet. Among the male boobie population, they called it a mating dance.

“We’ll work on it,” Dooley assured Talli.

That was the moment Mooch chose to fly up between Dooley and Talli, his long, strongly flapping wings pushing them to either side. “Hey guys, great to see you up here. Happy hunting. I’m real hungry today, so whatever you pull outta the water will be much appreciated.”

“Yeah,” Talli responded defiantly. “How’d you like to munch on a big blue foot?”

Dooley looked over at Mooch and shook his head. “Don’t sweat it, Talli. It’s who he is. In this world there are noble hunters.”

“Like us,” Talli volunteered.

“And then there are the lazy scavengers, the parasites that would rather live off someone else’s hard work.”

Mooch reacted to the insult, “Hey! I resent that!”

“Tough,” Talli retorted. “Who cares what a red-throated fish pirate thinks?”

Before Mooch could respond, Dooley looked down and spotted a school of Pacific Creole swimming below the surface of the water. He glanced over at Talli and gestured with his head down toward the water. “Let’s go fishing, Bro.”Boobie diving 2

Without waiting for a response, Dooley tucked his wings and started a steep dive from a little over two hundred feet above the choppy surface of the ocean.

Talli was right behind him.

Mooch watched the two boobies turn themselves into missiles as they raced to the surface of the water. He smiled and said out loud, “I love the way those guys go after my groceries.”


Come back for Chapter Four when nothing will ever be the same.

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