The Long Flight Home—CHAPTER FOUR


Dooley and Talli hit the water traveling at almost sixty miles an hour. They shot through the school of creole to a depth of about forty feet, then spun toward the fast scattering fish and the pursuit was on.

The creole swam deeper . . . with Dooley and Talli following. Some say boobies swim better than the fly. Dooley and Talli were virtually flying through the water, thrilled by the chase.pre-maelstrom blu

After swimming about fifty feet deep underwater, Dooley and Talli suddenly lost sight of the creole. Mystified. As they looked around, confused, they realized there wasn’t any sign of any marine life anywhere. They were alone in the ocean’s depths.

A heartbeat later, before they fully processed what could have possibly happened to all the fish, they found themselves helplessly swept  into a swirling rush of water. maelstrom colorWithin seconds, the violently spiraling whirlpool sucked the boobie brothers in toward the center.

Neither boobie had ever experienced such a vulnerable feeling. The current had them locked in and they couldn’t fight against the power of the vortex. They both started to black out from lack of oxygen and the brutal, dizzying, swirling water.

To Dooley it seemed like a terrifying eternity, but it was probably only fifteen or twenty seconds before he was violently expelled from the water. He crashed back to the ocean’s surface, dazed and disoriented.

Coughing up water and still woozy, it took Dooley several more seconds to catch his breath and become conscious of the good news that he had escaped the whirlpool. His elation over surviving lasted until he realized that Talli wasn’t with him.

He looked up toward the sky, then over the surface of the water, then back into the sky. He paddled in a circle searching in every direction, but saw only empty water and empty sky.

Distraught, he called “Talli!”

Just as Dooley was losing hope of ever seeing his brother again, the ocean suddenly spit Talli twenty feet out of the water. He toppled head over feet several times in midair before crashing back to the water’s surface with an enormous splash.

After blinking his eyes several times, Talli shook his head, water flying in all directions. “Man, that was a ride!” Talli exclaimed.

Stunned, Dooley stammered, “Are you serious? That was a monster maelstrom.”

Talli shrugged with a dismissive gesture of false bravado.

“I’ve never been that scared,” Dooley admitted.

“Ah, it wasn’t all that bad,” countered Talli.

“We could’ve been killed. You’re nurtz, man.” Dooley turned from Talli and took another look at their surroundings.

Dooley frowned. “There’s something wrong.”

“Other than someone putting a giant whirlpool in the middle of our ocean, what else could possibly be wrong?”

Water surrounded them in every direction. Although he couldn’t figure out exactly what it was, Dooley answered, “This doesn’t feel like our ocean.”

Talli frowned, skeptical. “What exactly does our ocean feel like? An ocean’s an ocean.”

“Maybe so,” conceded Dooley. “This just seems a little colder and the color’s all wrong.”

Talli shrugged. ”If you say so. You didn’t by any chance hit your head on anything down there, did you?”

“Nope, but we should probably head back,” Dooley suggested. “All that spinning. The near death experience. I don’t feel like eating, much less like fishing today.”

“Nope.” Talli shook his head in disagreement. “Boobies gotta eat, Dooley. Let’s do this.”

Dooley looked at Talli in surprise. “Since when are you the practical one?”

With a chuckle, the boobies clumsily took off from the water and quickly gained altitude.


Come back for Chapter Five as the boobies learn where they are . . . and when.

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