The Long Flight Home—CHAPTER SEVEN


On the rocky shore of a small, unnamed Galápagos Island, Andie coached Conley and Haley in the mysteries of launching into the air. The two young boobies were embarrassed to realize that they were even clumsier than their father and uncle.

After Haley endured a spectacular failure, Conley laughed, “Nice splat, there, Haley.”

Andie suppressed a smile and shook her head. “Conley, be nice to your sister.”Boobie Mom and kids

“Do I have to?” Conley implored.

As Haley righted herself, she looked over at Conley. “Only if you want to be a good big brother.” When there was no response, she followed with, “Well? Do you?”

“I’m still thinking,” Conley shrugged.

While the siblings bantered back and forth like brothers and sisters the world over, Andie looked up, her eyes scanning the sky. “I wonder where your father and your uncle have gotten off to. I saw the whole trap fly by hours ago.”

Conley glanced up, pretty much uninterested. “They’re boobies, Mom. When have you ever heard of a boobie doing anything exciting?”


harshit-sharma-488602-unsplashOut over the Atlantic, more than two hundred years back in history, Dooley and Talli flew over the endless ocean. Glowing orange, the sun started to set in the west.

“We’ve been at this all day,” Talli observed.

Dooley looked down and saw only empty sea. “It’s gotta be down there,” he exclaimed.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Talli agreed. “But we’re not gonna find it in the dark.”

Reluctantly, Dooley considered the situation. Finally he agreed, “‘Kay, let’s head for shore. We can start again in the morning.”

With that, Dooley and Talli banked hard into a 180 degree turn and started flapping their wings hard toward the coast of Massachusetts.


As the orange glow of the sun dropped into the horizon west of the Galápagos Islands, Andie stood on a high pointed rock looking off in the distance.

Below her, on a flat rock a few feet off the beach, Conley looked up at his mother. “What’s goin’ on, Mom? Haley and me are hungry,” he complained.

Without taking her eyes from the sky, Andie answered, “It should be Haley and I am hungry,”

“I get it. You’re hungry, too,” Conley responded. “Where are dad and Uncle Talli?”

“I don’t know,” she said, obviously worried.


After considering their plight for a long moment, Andie announced with determination, “I’m going to go look for them.”

“I’ll go, too.” Conley volunteered enthusiastically.

Andie shook her head vehemently. “Oh, no you won’t, young man. You stay here and watch your sister,” she insisted. “I won’t be gone long.”

Disappointed, Conley countered, “But, Mom!”

“No buts,” Andie insisted. “Watch your sister.” Without further conversation and after a few steps, Andie ineptly launched into the air.


In the orange glow after the sun had dipped below the western horizon, Dooley and Talli arrived back at Boston Harbor. As they looked around they were surprised to see that the cobblestone streets were lighted by oil lamps.

“Amazing what we’ve been missing on our island,” observed Talli.

“And they had these lights two hundred years ago. Wow.” Dooley agreed.

They landed near Morgan’s pylon. She spotted them as they settled onto the pier.

“Well, look whose back, the fabulous blue-foot boys. Sorry about the smell,” Morgan didn’t try to hide her disdain.

“We apologize for leaving in such a hurry,” Dooley apologized. “And, well, the smell isn’t like anything we’ve been around before.”

“Yeah, what he said.” Talli agreed before quickly changing the subject. “Who came up with the idea of lights at night?” he asked.

Morgan appeared stumped by the question. “I, ah, have no idea. They’ve been there since before I was a chick.”

“Hmm, interesting,” Talli looked toward the buildings of the city. “This is a truly amazing place. How about you show a couple of visiting boobies around this Boston Harbor place?”

Morgan considered the request before shrugging agreeably. “Well, all right. Never let it be said that a pelican wasn’t hospitable. Try to keep up.”

With that, Morgan gracefully launched into the air, while Talli and Dooley gracelessly did their best to follow.


Be sure to come back this coming Tuesday for Chapter 8 when our heroes have a truly revolutionary experience.

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