The Long Flight Home—CHAPTER TEN


On the rocky shore of a small Galápagos Island, Conley and Haley stood in a small clearing among the rocks looking skyward. In the distance, they saw Andie flying toward the island with a Pacific creole in her beak.

“Looks like mom got us breakfast,” he said excitedly.

Andie dropped an still struggling fish at Conley’s feet, then spun and hovered with both wings outstretched, while she shouted forcefully, “No way, Mooch!”

Mooch had to veer off seconds before colliding with Andie.

“That’s our breakfast,” she added as Mooch meekly retreated.

“How many times do I have to tell these boobies? The name’s Russell,” Mooch complained.


Dooley and Talli awoke among some rocks along the shore of Boston harbor.

Talli’s first words were, “I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry,” Dooley commented.

“Yeah,” Talli countered. “But after all of our adventures yesterday, I’m really, really hungry right now. Let’s go fishing.”

Talli started toward the water, only to realize that Dooley hadn’t moved.

“What? No appetite?” Talli asked.

Dooley shook his head. “I don’t understand it, but it had to have been that maelstrom.”

Talli appeared skeptical.”That whirlpool? Have you ever heard about that kind of thing in all your stories of the sea?”

“No,” agreed Dooley. “Never.”

Talli frowned. “Is it even possible?”

“How do I know?” Dooley responded overcome with frustration. “I’m just a boobie!”

“Relax, Dooley,” Talli encouraged. “You’re the smartest boobie I know.” He looked Dooley in the eye. “Now let’s go find that whirlpool.”

Talli started moving again toward the water and, with no hesitation, he launched into the air. Dooley watched for a moment, and then followed.

boobies in flight 2


Perched on a dock pylon, Morgan watched Dooley and Talli’s clumsy take-off and shook her head in admiration. “That’s a couple’a crazy boobies,” she observed. “I’m gonna miss the excitement . . . and entertainment.”

She watched the boobies until they disappeared in the distance, and then turned her attention to Boston Harbor. It was littered with hundreds of chests filled with ruined salt water-soaked tea.


Dooley and Talli flew over the sea, side-by-side.

Several miles out, Talli turned to Dooley. “How exactly do you plan on finding this maelstrom?” he asked.

“I figure we’ll just keep flying until we see it,” Dooley replied.

“That’s your plan?” Talli looked out over the ocean. He saw water all the way to the horizon. He turned to Dooley. “It’s a big ocean, Dooley.”

“We’ll find it. We’ve gotta find it,” Dooley insisted as they continued their flight.


In another ocean, in another century, Mooch flew high above the ocean. “I really feel bad about those boobies,” he said to himself. ”Here I thought they were keeping their food away from me.”

After a moment of reflection, he shook his head, “How in the world do seabirds get lost at sea?”

Mooch looked down at the slowly rolling ocean, contemplative. “Someday, maybe I’ll have a wife and kids who love me as much as Dooley’s love him. Poor guy. Hope he’s all right.”


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