calypsoAs Dooley and Talli winged their way away from the Calypso, Cousteau and Jean-Paul emerged from below decks to work on their gear. They spoke in French.

“I love the oceans, Jean-Paul,” Cousteau admitted, “But man has studied the sea for more than 6,000 years. I’m starting to wonder, what mysteries it still holds?”

“Are you suggesting we retire from exploring the deep, Jacques?”

“If we’ve already seen everything, what’s left to explore?” Cousteau reasoned.

Jean-Paul considered the comment with a troubled expression as they continued to prepare their gear.


On their way back out to the maelstrom, Talli looked over to Dooley. “That was a pretty big boat for a couple of sport divers,” Talli observed.

“I don’t think so,” Dooley disagreed. “That ship is the Calypso, so unless I miss my guess, that’s the great sea explorer, Jacques Cousteau.


“Did you see those SCUBA tanks?” Dooley asked.

“Sure,” Talli responded. “We’ve seen hundreds of them all the time back home.”

“Well Cousteau and another human developed the underwater breathing apparatus back in the 1940’s,” Dooley detailed.

“Big whoop,” said Talli. “Only way he’ll really impress me is if he can get us home.”

“Don’t count on that happening,” cautioned Dooley. “He’s a sea explorer, an inventor and a military leader, not a time traveler.”

“I guess not everyone is cut out to be a time traveler,” Talli mused.

With a chuckle, his brother replied, “C’mon Tal, let’s find that maelstrom and get outta here.”


Two boobies soared several hundred feet over the ocean. Andie and Carl flew almost wingtip to wingtip.

“We have teams flying out each day in each direction,” Carl explained.

“They have to be out here somewhere,” Andie insisted.

As they continued on, Mooch approached and joined them. “Still looking?” he asked.

“That we are, Russell,” Carl answered.

“I was heading east. I’ll keep an eye out for them,” Mooch offered.

“Much appreciated,” called Carl as Mooch banked away and headed toward the coast of Ecuador.

As Mooch flew away, Andie turned to Carl. “How can you be so nice to a frigatebird?” she wanted to know.

“I find frigatebirds fascinating,” Carl admitted. “They’re seabirds yet they can’t take off from water, so out here, they have to stay aloft continuously.”

“But they steal our food,” Andie countered.

“It’s in their nature,” Carl shrugged. “We certainly can’t change that. And I doubt Russell can do anything about it either.”


The sky in the west was orange and the sun was quickly dropping down into the horizon, yet Dooley and Talli continued their search.

“Why is it so hard to find the maelstrom?” Dooley grumbled. “We have to of flown over it a dozen times by now.”

“It’s funny,” Talli chuckled. “We seem to have trouble finding the whirlpool until we do something that makes the humans notice us.”

Dooley shakes his head with a chuckle. “Brother that sounds ridiculous.”

They flew on for another minute or so, Dooley thinking about what Talli said. “It sounds ridiculous, but it may actually be brilliant!” he said excitedly. “Talli you’re a genius.”

“Brilliant? A genius? You’re talking about me?”

“It’s either that or a remarkable coincidence,” Dooley shrugged.

“The Boston Tea Party?” Talli asked.

“We encountered lots of humans that night. If the redcoats caught the Colonists, history might have changed,” Dooley recounted.

“Columbus’ ships?” Talli added.

“It looked like they were sailing back the way they came until we straightened them out.”

“Maybe there’s some reason we need the SCUBA divers to see us,” Talli speculated.

“You think?” Dooley inquired.

“You’re the smart one,” Talli reminded him, letting Dooley decide for both of them.

Dooley nods. “That’s what everybody always said, but you’re seeing this more clearly than I did.”

“You’ve been focused on your family,” Talli self consciously offered his brother an excuse.

“Nah,” admitted Dooley, giving Talli the credit he earned. “It looks like I missed it and you nailed it. So, what do you think? Back to the Calypso?”

Even though he tried to be humble in the face of his brother’s praise, Talli couldn’t help that his chest puffed out a little with pride. “I think it’s worth a try,” he agreed thoughtfully

“Then let’s do it!” said Dooley, excited with new hope.

They banked hard and started flying as fast as possible toward the last place they saw the Calypso.


Part of the mystery may be solved, but will they ever get home? The adventure continues this coming Wednesday.

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