Carls speech CropOn one of the lesser, unnamed Galápagos Islands, Carl stood on a rock, his back to the pounding surf. Arrayed in front of him, the entire boobie trap stood, talking quietly among themselves. Few of them knew why they had been called together.

“Listen up,” Carl bellowed in a deep, loud voice. The talking stopped immediately and the boobies all listened to him carefully.

“Okay,” Carl began. “Some of you know that Dooley and Talli have been missing for several days.” The crowd of boobies turned to each other and murmured in low tones. Many turned to look at Andie, Conley, and Haley, standing on the sand at the foot of the rock.

Noah, a male boobie, and Jonah, another male boobie, looked at each other.boobie conversation

“Are we gonna be able to find them?” asked Noah.

“If Carl says we can, we’ll find them,” Jonah assured him.

“We’re doing this for our entire trap and for Dooley’s family,” Carl announced in a strong, confident voice as he gestured toward Dooley’s family “We’d do the same for any of you.”

He took a moment for that news to settle in before continuing.

boobie group 3“It’s a big ocean, so I want you to break up in groups of four or five,” Carl explained. “My group will fly north.” Carl indicated Noah. “Noah, take your group and head south.” Carl nodded toward Jonah. “Jonah, east.” Carl gestured toward Larry, another male blue-footed boobie, “Larry, go west.” Then he added, “You all know our motto: ‘No boobie left behind!’”

Andie, Haley, and Conley looked on expectantly.

Haley turned to Andie. “They’ll find them, Mom.”

Andie forced an unconvincing smile. “Of course they will,” she reassured her daughter, although she found it hard to believe herself.

Carl dropped down from the rock alongside Andie. “If it’s alright with you, I’d like Conley in my group,” Carl said to her.

Conley’s eyes opened wide with excitement. He looked over at his mother. “Can I, Mom? Can I go?” he pleaded.

Andie looked at Conley for a long beat, and then nodded reluctantly. “Of course, just do as Carl says.”

Conley did a quick little boobie dance.

Carl spoke in a commanding voice, “We’ll continue meeting back here at noon, when the sun is directly overhead.” There were murmurs of agreement. “And at sunset every day until we find them,” Carl informed the boobie flock.

“That’s it,” he said. “Let’s get airborne.”

The boobies all started toward the water. Within minutes, the entire Flock launched awkwardly into the sky.

Once aloft, they broke into four groups is heading off in different directions.


Join us next time when the boobie brothers’ adventure gets even more amazing.

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