Boobies Crash the Party

boobie 2 shotWatching the plane continue its distinct downward glide path, Dooley urged the people on the fated plane. “You’ve gotta go now or there won’t be enough sky left for your parachutes to open!” he shouted into the wind.


Just as Fred stepped through the door, a strong crosswind suddenly lifted the plane’s right wing. The unexpected sudden bank of the plane sent Fred tumbling out the door followed by Amelia.

Fred and Amelia plummeted through the air, as the plane continued its roll and its dive became steeper.

As Fred and Amelia started to separate, they pulled the handles on their parachutes a beat apart. The two parachutes opened at almost the same time. Because they were too close together, the lines of the two chutes got tangled almost immediately and neither chute opened fully.

As the Electra spiraled into the sea, Amelia and Fred dangled from partially opened parachutes as they dropped quickly to the water’s surface.

Amelia and Fred hit the water and continued below the surface with two large splashes.

boobie dive 11Dooley and Talli swooped into a dive toward the splashes.

Dooley called, “I’ll take the big one.”

“‘kay, I’ll get the other one,” Talli answered.

Dooley and Talli smashed into the water and started swimming the moment their momentum slowed, following the separate bubble streams down.


Conscious, Fred struggled to get back to the surface.

Amelia dropped like dead weight.

Dooley quickly caught up to Fred, grabbed the parachute in his beak and started swimming back toward the surface.

Talli reached Amelia and tried to use his wings to stop her rapid descent. He struggled as her lifeless form pulled him down. His hard stroking wings seemed to have to effect.



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