That same sun was setting over another island. This one sat hundreds of miles away and in another part of the Pacific Ocean. There, a group of boobies gathered around a patch of sand surrounded by a tall rock formation.

A small, young boobie, little bigger than a chick, named Lil’ Dool, addressed the oldest male boobie in the group. “Grandpa,” he asked in a curious voice. “Why are so many boobies on our island named Dooley?”

Grandpa Boobie smiled a sagely wise boobie smile and replied, “Well, Lil’ Dool, that’s an easy one.” He looked around at the group to make sure he had their attention.

“You were named after Dooley, who was the older brother of your great-great grandfather Talli,” Grandpa Boobie explained. “Dooley was the greatest, the smartest, and the most courageous boobie of all time.”

The gathered boobies murmured agreement, as all of them had heard the story at their grandfather’s knee.

Lil’ Dool moved closer to Grandpa Boobie. Excited, he begged, “Tell us about him, Grandpa.”

Although it didn’t seem at all unusual to the boobies on that small island, Lil’ Dool had very interesting foot pigmentation. He had one bright blue foot and one bright red foot.

All around him the boobies moved closer in anticipation of their family’s most amazing story. “Well, it all started,” Grandpa Boobie began, “the day three brave boobies rescued the famous human flier, Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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