Art 6(Photo of Royal Terns by Pete Haas on Unsplash)

Sondra and her husband, Rick once lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, often taking long walks on the beach. It was then she became intrigued by the number of species of seabirds that lined the shores searching for food. There were of course the Ring Billed and Laughing Gulls, but also Sandpipers and Plovers, Willets and Oyster Catchers, and colonies with hundreds of nesting Black Skimmers and Royal Terns.

Now living inland, the fall and spring migrations are highly anticipated, but there are the resident birds that include Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals and Mockingbirds, House Finches,  Red Winged Blackbirds and Grackles, and scores of Mourning Doves. Numerous pairs of Sand Hill Cranes wander the local fields and pastures. Great Blue Herons, and Snowy Egrets are a daily occurrence hunting along the shores of the nearby lakes and ponds. Countless Osprey parents can be found atop any surface big enough to hold their nests, and once and a while you will spot the great eyrie of a family of Bald Eagles resting in the boughs of an 80 foot Slash Pine.

And these are just the birds that are in plain site.

Still learning all the ropes of birding, Sondra found very few sites that catered to novice bird lovers like herself, and has high hopes that this site will attract other budding birding enthusiasts.

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